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Daily Deals, Social Shopping, Collective Buying: it has many names, but no matter what you call it, you're sure to see big savings on local venues and events! This phenomenon has been spreading like wildfire, and with the premise of saving 50-100% off restaurants, spas, fitness, events, and other fun activities around town - it's only going to get hotter!

There are HOW MANY Daily Deal Sites?!

With something THIS big, there are sure to be a few folks jumping on the bandwagon: Groupon and Living Social aren't the only ones negotiating fantastic deals - today there are well over 70 daily deal negotiators in Canada alone! So where do we fit in? We're here to save your web browser from daily deal overload, and your mailbox from a spam coma! We neatly list all active daily deals on one easy-to-read page - kind of like a daily deal mega-mall.

So Why Use MiserMcGee.Com?

Filtering and presenting information is what the internet is all about - so daily deal aggregation isn't necessarily a groundbreaking idea. In fact there are well over 20 sites that provide the same service as ours...so what makes us different? We put quality first! No really, as cliché as it sounds we're the only daily deal aggregator that isn't making an aggressive run for traffic (case in point: you probably didn't find us through Google). Instead we're focused on building a comprehensive, quality service to our users: and we'll regularly list 20-100% more legitimate deals than other daily deal aggregators. Try us out, and share us with your friends - you'll never miss another deal, and neither will they!

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